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What We Learned Hosting Our First Writing Retreat (Plus a Free Sample Schedule!)

I was hugely pregnant with my second child in August 2016, and two and a half hours in the car sounded like the opposite of fun. But the weekend promised at the end of the trip was enough to make me tumble my swollen body into Haley's car and drive the 92 miles from Boise to McCall, Idaho. It was time for our first writing retreat. 

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Why Freewrite Nite?

Combine the pesky problem of making time to write and a number of writers who told us they wanted access to a writing community, and Freewrite Nite was born. Now, once a month, our writing group invites writers from all around the Boise area to join us for wine, writing, and maybe even a little whining about writing.

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Finding Other Writers

Connecting with other writers makes you a better writer, but establishing a network can sometimes be hard. I’ve found my writer friends either directly or indirectly because I was an English major and worked at a writing center. I’ve seen listicles and articles that give tips about finding writing groups and/or other writers – but most of those assume the reader feels comfortable approaching strangers in coffee shops or attending readings or other events alone.

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