Twitter for Writers 101

I am a late - like, really late - adopter of Twitter. I signed up years ago when I was working at my college newspaper but hardly used it and hated checking it. This past November, in an effort to find an outlet for my feminist rage, I signed up again. I started an anonymous profile and started tweeting about politics, true crime podcasts, and writing, among other important topics. (My most liked tweet so far has been about bowel movements so you can guess the kind of quality content I am producing on there.)

One thing I have noticed is that between the memes and celeb fights is a really strong writing community. Search for #writingcommunity and you will find other writers, calls for submissions, advice on writer’s block, relatable jokes, short stories, and inspiration.

I won’t lie to you and say that joining Twitter has saved my writing career or led to any huge breaks. But I will say that it has given me a sense of peace about who I am as a writer and my place in the community.

If you are new (or old) to Twitter, there are a few hashtags I suggest following:

  • #writingcommunity

  • #amwriting

  • #writingmotivation

  • #writingprompts

  • #writinglife

  • #keepwriting

  • #writerlife

Then literally follow every literary magazine, author, blogger, wannabe writer you admire and remember: everyone thinks they suck and those who don’t are usually the ones who suck the most.

Writing LifeTasha Wise